Personalized Wooden Watches: The Ideal Christmas Gift

That time of the year is just around the corner, the time where most people rush down to different shopping centers and stores around them to purchase gift items for their friends or relatives. Oh! I’m talking about Christmas. Each year, we are faced with the task to find a worthy Christmas gift that would truly standout and also be exceptionally useful as well.

However, finding the ideal Christmas gift for your loved ones is mainly difficult. Nevertheless, there is a nice Christmas gift idea that is not just special, but is extremely useful as well – customized or engraved wooden watches.

As stylists constantly say “An individual’s watch is a symbol of his taste”. This entails that you need to be extra careful when purchasing a watch for that special someone this Christmas. It ought to be something that has quality. Luckily, wooden watches are catchy and are of high-quality.

These kinds of watches are particularly recognized for their fine use of wood entrenched with high-end materials that display a relevant and stylish look whereas being influential underneath. Customized wooden watches have different wood types and colors that has the ability to represent both personality and style.

Customized wooden watches have made its mark in the market today. Wooden watches would certainly make a nice Christmas gift for your family, relatives and employees.

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Reasons for Choosing Wooden Watches

Wood has always been an essential building item all over the world since the beginning of humanity. Farming, construction, and many other companies have known the uniqueness of wood and its worth.

In our world today, everybody loves staying connected with nature and at the same time live a casual and simple lifestyle. The most recent trend in fashion watches nowadays is the wooden watches. They’re seen as being very stylish among both women and men. These watches have constantly been appreciated however there are several qualities that make people choose them.

Here are few reasons to wear a wooden watch:

  • They standout because they are unique, and naturally attractive. Natural difference in wood grain make certain that two watches cannot be accurately the same. Nature gives different wood grain type even in the same tree. Therefore, this adds to the uniqueness, warmth, and quality of every single watch.
  • All watches made out of wood don’t have weight. This is the fact about every watch that is completely made of wood. Many of them weigh less than half of a metal watch.
  • Wooden watches are recyclable. This is among the most popular advantages of these watches. Wooden watches come from a renewable source since tress can be replanted. Many wooden watches come from scarp woods and many of the containers come from recycled papers.
  • These timepieces are harmless without any toxic material. This is perfect for those who are sensitive to metal on their skin.

Wooden watches have become a part of our day to day fashion at a very inexpensive cost.

After all the positive reasons of having a custom wooden watches, you should always remember that not every wooden watch is similar particularly if there is contemptible wood surface on steel watches. Ensuring you have a watch with complete natural wood is compulsory.

Custom Engrave Wooden Watches

Engraving has been for a very long time now, making it feasible to engrave virtually anything you’d want, including any of our wooden watches.

Few Details Concerning Engraving your Wooden Watches

1: What parts can my wooden watch get custom engraving?

Surface – Most wooden watches can only get engraved on the back-steel surface, with some special watches that has wide sides to be engraved.

Band – The bands on the wooden watches can be engraved as well.

Clasp – The iron clasps seen on some watches can be engraved too.

2: What can I engrave onto my wooden watch?

The ideal thing to do is to send us a message via email including the subject “custom engraving”, and then tell us what you’d love us to engrave on your wooden watch. We would be honored to help you get your custom wooden watch ready. The following are examples of what you can get engraved on your wooden watches.

  • Text
  • Numbers
  • Logos
  • Shapes
  • Images
  • Dots
  • Lines

3: What number of textual characters can you get engraved onto your wooden watch?

This depend on the text size, around 1-300 textual characters can be engraved onto the back-plate surface of the watch.

  1. Reasons of having your wooden watch engraved

Reasons for having your wooden watches custom engraved are numerous. Should it be that you just feel like getting your watch custom, or you’re searching for a nice customized gift to surprise someone dear to you, below are few reasons:

  • Christmas gifts
  • Birthday gifts
  • Father’s day gift
  • Mother’s day gifts
  • Promotional item
  • Medical awareness
  • Name and phone number
  • Team gear

Knowing What Makes Wooden Watches So Interesting

In past years, wooden accessories have turn out to be refined and trendy, particularly when decorated with accents and worn to match with other wooden accessories. Wooden accessories are seen on everything ranging from belts to eyewear, though the greatest realization may be the watches with 100% natural wood. Lovers of fashion all around the world have accepted the wooden style that is turning out to be a leading force in the fashion market.

Wooden watches aren’t sensitive to heat

Watches made of wood aren’t affected by the several temperature changes just like metal watches do, and while we are contrasting the two items, wooden watches are much lighter as well.

Wooden Watches – An Everlasting Accessory

Watches happen to be among the accessories people will not stop wearing. Wooden watches were a required and uplifting change to watch users. Many celebrities like Black eyed Peas and Mariel Hemingway have been spotted putting on wooden watches, and as the watches appear as luxurious, the cost isn’t.

Wooden timepieces are fairly affordable which has led to its massive demand for people who want unique accessories that are durable, stylish, and affordable. In case anyone want to buy a new watch as a gift for Christmas this year should consider the many advantages of a wooden watch. There are not only affordable, useful, and eco-friendly, but they are an amazing work of art that can be customized to each individual who wears it.